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Cylindrical gauges made by master craftsmen.

M+T cylindrical gauges are suited for measuring small and minute borehole diameters, the angularity of boreholes, borehole clearances and the straightness of the boreholes. They also serve to measure grooves, denticulations, threads and V-notches. In addition, they can be used as precise setting standards for measuring equipment with displays and for calibrating devices.

The M+T cylindrical gauge is an extremely precise and reliable measuring device that is easy to handle and very sturdy.

Our cylindrical gauges are available (may depend on version)

  • In a diameter range of 0.06 mm to 20 mm
  • In the diameter accuracies ± 0.3 µm, ± 1.0 µm or ± 1.5 µm
  • In gauge steel, tungsten carbide or ceramic
  • With or without a labelled plastic handle
  • Individually or in a set with a wooden case and base
  • The current technical details and specifications are contained in our respective valid price list.